So many Christian books are in stores, on desks, in spiritual libraries and on book stands the world over. They come in different volumes, parts and languages as inspirational tapes, messages, music, movies and write-ups. We now even have easier access to spiritual information than ever before and so we are given the opportunity to view God with more understanding. There are also diverse translations of the Bible. Men also have mentors, pastors, God-fathers and mothers as well as spiritual role models.
This is amazing
But, the truth is “once morality is removed, authenticity becomes close to impossible.” This means that once knowledge is no longer first hand, it gradually becomes diluted. As children of God and indeed scholars of the Bible, we must also be aware that the original written text of Christ is the Holy Bible which has the truth of God’s words and ways first hand. The purity of God’s word is best gotten if we discover God and his truth by ourselves; that is by searching scriptures OURSELVES and confirming everything we hear and are taught. We too school consistently journey the scriptures ourselves and deliberately hoping to also have the truth given to us.
Revelation therefore is the insight, the light and exposure we get by the explicit explanation of spiritual issues and mysteries to our spirit man via the Holy Spirit. With revelation on any area of the Word, we can receive God’s word first hand.
Scriptures say “we are the custodians of the mysteries of the kingdom”, and these mysteries can only be gotten pure and raw by revelations of the Holy Spirit when we study his word.
Don’t just go for the already refined gold of the word of God ALONE which has already been drawn from the earth, purified and made into rings, earrings and so on but go for the raw, dirty, natural state of the word. Such that when it enters your hart and indeed your spirit, it can be carefully uncovered and molded into whatever shape, size, and form the Holy Spirit wants in you.
By this, you discover that you have and can give answers to many things and so can help many persons in this world because the raw material dwells richly on your inside not just a finished product.



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