Come Out Of Your Hiding Place

When you have answers to all eternal questions they will always come because they are born to ask those questions… You must know how to use what u have consistently. Every time you meet people it’s an opportunity… See it has a platform to touch lives… Invest into people life like never before… Live a life of results and manifestation. Your investment in God’s Kingdom is what God sees as wealth… Give all that you have out for the kingdom. Know how to use the resources that you have and the one that god has brought towards you when you meet them… The impact starts from where you are. Make up our mind that u want to get everyone around you saved… It is expedient that you manifest who you truly are now why wait when all those around you could benefit something of a life time from u who they call their friend. So many of us are hiding who we are from our friends and relative so as for them not to talk… We are ashamed of the gospel when we have heard Paul says that we shouldn’t be ashamed of the Gospel for it’s the power of God towards those that believe or salvation…  As a Christian you do not have an ambition because the life u now live is not yours2cor5:17 says that we are ambassadors/representative of Christ.

I charge you that from now “You shouldn’t hide who God has made u to be any more, but come out and show forth who I have made u to be for all around u to see and the whole world at large”….

 Be Blessed..



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