The Disadvantages of the World Is Your Supernatural Advantage

We live in a world of disadvantages. We live in a world that often holds the upper hand to our dreams, our desires, and ultimately to our destinies.
Oftentimes men allow their entire minds to be set at doubt and discouragement because of the seeming disadvantages their life seems to bring.
The truth is that Homer who wrote the Odyssey and John Milton who wrote Paradise Lost were blind. Beethoven was deaf when he composed some of the world’s greatest symphonies.
Every church body has disadvantages. The building is old. The congregation is discouraged. The finances are short. Every church member has disadvantages. Their time is limited. Their walk with God is not what it should be. Their family does not support their decision to attend the church. These disadvantages serve only to spur us on to greater victories if we refuse to be discouraged by them.
The greatest Christians are often those who did not grow up under the pews. Their disadvantaged childhoods did not involve weekly church attendance. Theirs were abusive homes where alcohol and neglect were the rule. However, they did not let their situation decide their outcome. In fact, it usually energizes their resolve to change not only their own life, but also many of those around them.
T.D. Jakes once preached, “Our greatest choir directors are not sitting in church pews tonight. They are sitting on bar-stools.”
When you release the creative power of God’s Spirit in someone’s life through prayer and faith, anything is possible. If there is one thing that this world is not short of it is disadvantage. It’s everywhere. But turning that disadvantage into advantage, now that’s the challenge. Enabling and empowering people. That’s what this is all about.
Jesus realized it when he told a fisherman that he would make him a fisher of men. It’s still the same today. Our job is to enable people. If we get caught up or if we allow them to get caught up focusing on their disadvantages, the Church will never grow beyond its dis-function. If, however we can empower them with the hope of overcoming their situations and circumstances, we can then have true revival. Cause someone you minister to have found his place in the Kingdom.
Let them know that the disadvantages of their life can become advantages for the Kingdom of God.


2 thoughts on “The Disadvantages of the World Is Your Supernatural Advantage

  1. God bless you evangelist for this great word.. We indeed shouldn’t be stopped by our seeming disadvantage but our advantage! We all have good reasons to be successes if we view our situations rightly

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