Turning failure into achievement

Is it even possible? Can you really turn failure into achievement?
What is it that makes the difference? Why are there some who seem to accomplish so much with their lives?
Is it…

Family Background – Having a good family growing up is something to be grateful for, but it’s not the reliable indicator of accomplishment. High percentages of great men have come from broken homes.

Wealth – Some of the greatest men of accomplishment have come from households of average to below-average means. Wealth is not an accurate indicator of high achievement, and poverty is no guarantee of low achievement.

Opportunity – Opportunity is a very peculiar thing. Two people with the similar gifts, talents, and resources can look at a situation, and one person will see tremendous opportunity while the other sees nothing. Opportunity is in the eye of the beholder.

High Morals – I wish it were that simple and that these were the key, but it’s not. I’ve known people with high morals but was low achievers and I have known scoundrels… rats who were high producers.

The Absence of Hardship – For every success who has avoided tragedy, there’s a Helen Keller who overcame extreme difficulties or a Viktor Frankl who survived absolute horrors.

None of these elements are the key. The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.

Nothing is great in the beginning stages of when God first starts working in a man’s life. That man’s prayers will be elementary. His efforts will be clumsy and uncoordinated. His whole sense of walking with God will be spent in the shallows. But if that man refuses to give up or if he refuses to give in, if his desire and determination and his sense of purpose will capture his emotions, then God will work with his life.

It takes time, persistence, and desire. These elements become the fuel for revivals, energy for relationship with God, and absolute authority in the Kingdom of God.

There are endless ways by which God shapes the soul of a man. For some all it takes is a look, as with Zacchaeus. For some all it takes is for them to be blinded by light, as with Paul. For some it takes a midnight confrontation, as with Nicodemus. For some it takes a noonday conversation, as with the women at the well.

The only growth worth investing in is that which grows slowly. Great men are made in stages. Not overnight.
“It is not what a man keeps but rather what he gives that makes him great. It is not what a man possesses but rather what possesses the man.”
Remain Blessed


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