How a new Pastor/Leader can get his people to follow his leadership:

1tim4vs12: Let your speaking, your lifestyle, your love for your people, your zeal, your faith and your pure lifestyle be an inspiration to them. Become a leader by loving your people, serving them and setting the example.
1tim4vs13: Spend time reading. The old saying that “leaders are readers,” is true – depending on what a person is reading. Spend time reading the Word, as well as time reading books on leadership and people management. Also, give time to duplicating yourself in others – mentoring. Find some in your congregation who have leadership potential and begin building a group of like-minded leaders. And, make sure your doctrine is biblical and accurate. Don’t just go with the flow of what other churches are doing, but be founded on the rock, the Word of God.
1tim4vs14: Paul reminds Timothy not to neglect the anointing, the gifting that is in him for ministry. It’s easy for a Pastor/Leader to forget that there is an impartation in his life that separates him from the members of the congregation. He is not just a young man. He is a young man with the anointing, a young man with the gifting for ministry directly from the Holy Spirit, which was given through the laying on of hands by those over him.
1tim4vs15: Meditate (from the Hebrew “to mutter, to whisper”) on these things; to speak them to himself, and to give himself 100% to being the example of a committed, zealous and loving man of God. When he does that, everyone will take note that he is what he says he is, that God has sent him to that congregation, and that God is backing him up!
1tim4vs16: keep an eye on your attitude, your schedule, your words and deeds, and pay attention to what God is telling you through the Word of God. Keep on doing this all your life, never lose your momentum. That will keep you in position with God and will cause people to come to the Lord through your ministry.


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