How to Live in the Glory Every Day

1. Praise & Worship
Many ask how to live in the Glory on a daily basis. I always like to start out the day with Praise and Worship. Heaven is full of praise and worship, the entire atmosphere is made up from it. It’s important to realize that Praise and Worship are 2 different things. Praise is what is needed to break-through into the heavenlies in order for worship to take us higher. Praise would be the faster victory, warfare, faith, or breakthrough songs. When you start, keep praising God until you feel a release and a breakthrough. Once the glory realms starts to descend, begin to enter into intimate worship which is typically slower love songs to God. Keep worshiping until the glory of God is stronger to the point which you can just soak in His presence, pray, and share with God. This is one of the fastest way to get in the glory on a daily basis.

2. Repentance
Holiness via repentance is necessary to bringing the Glory into your daily life. If there is anything standing between you and God or you and your fellow man, it must be removed. While we have inherited the righteousness of Christ at salvation, just like healing and other supernatural gifts, we must access it via repentance. You can praise and worship all day, but if there are known ‘glory blockers’ like unforgiveness, anger, gossip, or other sin, the glory of God cannot come. As the Word says, “Who can climb the mountain of the Lord, those with clean hands and a pure heart” (see Psalm 24:3-4). Confess your sin to God, ask Him to forgive you and begin to not only repent of the sin but ask God to break off the power of that sin in your life. Starving the flesh and feeding your spirit man is also a great remedy. Starve the sin by keeping yourself pure of evil thoughts or words that would trigger a memory and take you back to a situation that triggers your sinful response. Feed your spirit man by meditating on the pure Word of God and worshiping in His presence.

3. Fasting
Fasting coupled with prayer is a very powerful force when it is led by the Spirit and not led by the flesh or works. Jesus was filled with the Spirit but when He came out of His 40 day fast in the desert, He came back with the power of the Spirit. Fasting is seen throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Moses, Daniel, Elijah, Paul, the apostles, and Jesus Himself fasted at key moments; even for direction in choosing the next apostle or for direction for their next missionary journey.

Many great men and women of God especially those used in demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit spent time fasting. Worldwide figures, including many of the revivalists and revival intercessors in the 1800’s and 1900’s were found to fast. When you fast your spirit man seems to be “turbo-boosted” into a much higher level of sensitivity in the spirit realm. It seems to propel your spirit man in a very short period of time into a much higher plane where you are able to more easily hear, receive revelation, and prophetic direction. I have noticed that most people who operate in resurrections, the ministry of miracles, and high level prophetic ministries are often lead into seasons of fasting at certain times. While fasting you can add praise and worship which only intensifies your prayer and fasting time along with forgiveness and repentance.

Be led by the Spirit and respond to Him. He will lead you into wisdom and His glory! Be blessed!


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