The Trinity talks about the three personality of his majesty.

The Trinity:

God: The Father “He Does The Speaking”

Jesus: The Son “He Does The Acting”

Holy Ghost: The Spirit “He Does The Manifesting”

In Creation:

“Let Us Make Man In Our Own Image” Gen1:26a

There you ask who was talking (though that was already specified who yet not to whom); He wasn’t talking to Angels because we know that we aren’t created in their likeness.

But Let me break it down to you:

  • God Said It
  • Jesus Made the Man
  • The Holy Spirit Breathe into Man

For Salvation:

  • God said he wanted to restore and have communion with his people
  • Jesus came to die (For the remission of Sins and to Restore)
  • The Holy Ghost Came to Stay (To Help in Communing with God)


Jesus is all that God is in the flesh (the word was made flesh Jhn1:14) and he is the will of God in action (nevertheless let not as I will but as thou wilt be at the garden of gethsemane Mat26:39b). Remember he said I can’t do anything except my father said I should. He is the Totality of God in the Flesh.

The Holy Spirit is the manifested power of God. He manifests the action of the Son.

Now that we also are his Son, he expects that we act whatever he says; for the Holy Spirit to manifest it. So don’t sit down there and listen to him speak to you but act in Christ (Faith) and let the Holy Spirit complete the work.



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